IWD 2022 - Q&A with Georgina Twigg MBE

Olympic gold medallist celebrates International Women's Day at Enterprise

Diversity & Inclusion
Celebrating LGBTQ+ history month at Enterprise

LGBTQ+ history month was marked with thought-provoking content - delicious cake and stunning decorations

Diversity & Inclusion
De-stigmatising women’s health in the workplace

Women’s health can be disruptive and even debilitating as they move from menstruation to perimenopause and menopause

Wellbeing Diversity & Inclusion
What is Women of the Future - and why is Enterprise a fan?

Women of the Future allows successful young women to celebrate the achievements of the UK’s female talent pipeline

Leadership Diversity & Inclusion
Celebrating the achievement of black employees

A series of hosted webinars recognise and celebrate the achievements of black employees at Enterprise UK

Diversity & Inclusion
Reverse mentoring supports inclusive leadership

A reverse mentoring programme helps senior leaders to develop better listening skills, especially with their diverse teams

Mentorship Career Progression Diversity & Inclusion
Diversity insight: BITC Race At Work Scorecard

As a sponsor of the BITC Race At Work Scorecard, Enterprise has been involved in sharing insights on the latest report

Diversity & Inclusion

Vehicle Services Manager, Sonya Lawson, shares her #ThisLittleGirlIsMe story, inspired by the Inspiring Girls initiative

Diversity & Inclusion
Café Stop: the new online meeting place

The idea for Café Stop came from a discussion about friendships at work

Wellbeing Mentorship Diversity & Inclusion
Developing a successful formal mentoring programme

Diverse and minority mentoring groups can help individuals develop and drive organisational success

Mentorship Career Progression Diversity & Inclusion
Why you should consider being a Bridge Builders mentor

Bridge Builders aims to improve the social mobility and employability of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds

Mentorship Diversity & Inclusion
As a woman with a physical disability I feel empowered at Enterprise

If someone had told me that I’d be thriving in the world’s largest car rental firm I would’ve thought they were joking

Diversity & Inclusion Career Progression
Returning from maternity leave during a pandemic

2020 brought a lot of change for everyone. I was adjusting to life as a new mum and embracing the challenges and surprises.

Wellbeing Diversity & Inclusion
Adoption is hard - Dylan's blog

The process that you go through to adopt a child is hard. Management Assistant Dylan Nichols shares his story.

Wellbeing Diversity & Inclusion
IWD 2021 How did you choose to challenge?

International Women's Day 2021 at Enterprise was a busy programme of events, blogs, resources and conversation

Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Career Progression
Group rental manager profile: Alyssa Kreutzer

Alyssa Kreutzer is Enterprise UK’s only female Group Rental Manager. She advocates 'finding your voice' to promote equality.

Leadership Career Progression Diversity & Inclusion
Enterprise named on Times Top 50 list of best employers for women

For another consecutive year, Enterprise is featured on the UK's most rigorous benchmark for gender balanced leadership

Leadership Diversity & Inclusion
IWD 2022 - what is maternal bias and what to do about it

Many working mothers encounter discrimination from maternal bias, which research shows is the strongest gender bias

Leadership Wellbeing Career Progression Employee Development Diversity & Inclusion
IWD 2022 - what is attribution bias and what to do about it

Attribution bias refers to the errors we make when we try to find reasons for behaviour and that this means we favour men

Leadership Wellbeing Career Progression Employee Development Diversity & Inclusion
IWD 2022 - what is performance bias and what to do about it

Performance bias is the tendency to underestimate a woman’s performance and to overestimate a man’s

Leadership Wellbeing Career Progression Employee Development Diversity & Inclusion
IWD 2022 - what is likability bias and what to do about it

Likability bias is the tendency to find women less likeable when they don’t meet traditional gender norms

Leadership Wellbeing Career Progression Employee Development Diversity & Inclusion
IWD 2022 - what is affinity bias and what to do about it

Affinity bias is the natural tendency to gravitate towards people who are most like us

Leadership Wellbeing Employee Development Diversity & Inclusion Career Progression
IWD 2022 - what is double discrimination and intersectionality bias and what to do about it

When different types of discrimination interconnect and overlap, this is called intersectionality

Leadership Wellbeing Career Progression Employee Development Diversity & Inclusion
IWD2022 - what is unconscious bias and what to do about it

Unconscious biases are mental shortcuts that simplify the world and people to enable us to make fast decisions

Career Progression Diversity & Inclusion Employee Development Leadership
Leading by listening

I want to talk about leading by listening, especially in relation to our black and minority ethnic employees

Leadership Career Progression Diversity & Inclusion Employee Development
Being an LGBT woman at Enterprise

As an LGBTQ+ woman, it was important for Sina Geissler to apply to an LGBTQ+ inclusive organisation for her internship

Wellbeing Diversity & Inclusion
Area manager profile: Charnelle Taylor

Which is best – setting goals or seizing opportunities as they arise? Charnelle Taylor from the North West group explains.

Leadership Career Progression Diversity & Inclusion
How do you challenge bias?

Without knowing or realising, we may do or say something that can make our colleagues feel unwelcome or excluded.

Leadership Diversity & Inclusion
Recruiting BAME women in the ever-changing world of work

I am currently completing a 12-month placement in the UK and Ireland HR department and I joined Enterprise in October 2018.

Diversity & Inclusion
Be disability-confident and thrive

Launched in December, Thrive is a new committee with a mission to enable every employee to be their authentic self at work.

Diversity & Inclusion
Everyday Inspiration

Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s fourth In Pursuit of Everyday Inclusion event attracted more than 250 delegates from 160 businesses

Diversity & Inclusion
Are you ready to grow our diverse supply base?

Any supplier selected to work with Enterprise must meet the company’s requirements for those goods and services...

Diversity & Inclusion
Attracting BAME talent

In 2017 Enterprise launched the ‘Women Thrive at Enterprise’ advertising campaign.

Diversity & Inclusion
A Tiblings tale about coming out at work

Hello. My name is Quinn Tibling Honey Sermon. I work in billing administration based in Aldershot.

Diversity & Inclusion
Inclusion is key to great customer service

Successful businesses and brands make all customers feel welcome and valued.

Diversity & Inclusion

Thursday 8th March 2018 saw a day of celebration as International Women’s Day

Diversity & Inclusion
Lucky 13

Enterprise Rent-A-Car UK has been recognised by The Times for the 13th year as one of The Top 50 companies for women.

Diversity & Inclusion
What have we learnt from RADAR?

Launched 18 months ago, RADAR (Reporting All Diversity Activities Regionally) does exactly what it says on the tin.

Diversity & Inclusion
The daily habit of looking after your people

It is important to remember that underpinning an organisation lies one simple idea.

Diversity & Inclusion
12 years in the times top 50

The Times newspaper has published a list in conjunction with Business in the Community of the Top 50 Employers for Women

Diversity & Inclusion
The importance of being a careful giant

I am excited to share with you some of my thoughts around our In Pursuit 2017 event

Diversity & Inclusion
How bold is bold enough and safe enough

#BeBoldForChange was the theme of International Women’s Day 2017.

Diversity & Inclusion
Achieving by committee

Enterprise’s national and regional diversity committees are key to ensuring effective action across the whole business

Diversity & Inclusion
How well do you know Radar?

Tracking information on diversity events and their successes was previously a challenge, until the launch of RADAR

Diversity & Inclusion
12 years in the top 50

Enterprise has been named on The Times’ Top 50 Employers for Women list for the twelfth year in a row.

Diversity & Inclusion
Diversity needs you!

This edition of Drive is a special edition because it celebrates so many of our diversity achievements at Enterprise.

Diversity & Inclusion

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