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Enterprise supports BITC Race At Work Scorecard

The publication of the BITC Race At Work Scorecard 2021 - which you can read and download online - was a call to action for businesses to continue to support their ethnic minority workers, creating policies that better promote inclusivity and equity for all.

More than 24,600 employees completed this year's questionnaire, which was produced and analysed in partnership with YouGov.

Their feedback showed progress in a number of areas since the previous Scorecard in 2019, indicating that UK businesses are making headway in their policies to support ethnic minority workers.

Some of the improvements include more businesses gathering data on ethnic pay gap data, more senior leaders being seen as champions of equity, diversity and fairness, resulting in more ethnic minority employees feeling that their workplace was somewhere that they could progress.

The data also showed that more work needs to be done to mentor ethnic minority employees in the workplace, to increase transparency and accountability, especially on pay gaps, and to ensure recruitment and agency processes are unbiased. 

The BITC has updated its Race At Work Charter to include new areas of focus and is urging UK businesses to use the decision to sign up for the Charter as the first step towards a programme of change.

The BT Sports panel clockwise from top left: Clare Balding (BBC), Sandra Kerr (BITC), Richard Iferenta (KPMG), Leigh Lafever-Ayer (Enterprise), Deborah Dorman (Sainsbury's), Roland Ilube OBE (Shell)

The BT Sports panel clockwise from top left: Clare Balding (BBC), Sandra Kerr (BITC), Richard Iferenta (KPMG), Leigh Lafever-Ayer (Enterprise), Deborah Dorman (Sainsbury's), Roland Ilube OBE (Shell)

Enterprise is both a signatory to the now revised Charter as well as a sponsor of the report, supporting the BITC's efforts to drive participation in the questionnaire and encouraging businesses to sign up for the Charter and the provisions in the Scorecard.

Leigh Lafever-Ayer, UK & Ireland HR Director was invited to participate in a BT Sport sponsored panel that was hosted by BBC Sports commentator Clare Balding.

You can watch the whole panel and how Leigh addressed issues around allyship for ethnic minority colleagues on this video.

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