Welcome to Drive – resources and inspiration to support gender diversity at Enterprise UK

We launched DRIVE in 2013, to provide a way of connecting and inspiring women at Enterprise.

Diversity and inclusion has always been part of the Enterprise way of doing business. We want every one of our employees to feel truly welcome in the business, wherever they may be working, and even if they are working from home.

As a business, we recognise that building a diverse and inclusive culture is a journey. There is always more that we can do to support and nurture our employees, and to address issues that may be affecting their ability to perform.

That's why DRIVE focuses on all aspects of our business through the lens of gender diversity.

Featuring profiles of outstanding employees, how to articles and advice pieces as well as places where you can get more information and help , it aims to empower our employees to understand one another better and achieve more at Enterprise.

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Relocation, relocation, reclocation DRIVE asked Enterprise women to share their stories of how relocation became integral to their career progression. https://t.co/uTpTjic4n2 #womeninleadership