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Mobility drives success

Khaled Shahbo

Khaled Shahbo

In September 2019 we will celebrate 25 years in the UK. We have grown from one passenger car to a fleet of 120,000 vehicles, everything from compact electric vehicles to specialist heavy plant units – as well as luxury and performance cars.

As a business we are heading in new directions as communities and businesses look to exploit the potential of shared mobility, and we have some exciting municipal mobility pilots around the country.

We completed the acquisition of SHB Hire in July to create one of the country’s largest commercial vehicle rental businesses.

This is an exciting time for Enterprise.

I encourage employees to take time to ensure that their careers and opportunities develop as Enterprise grows. Are we as a business helping you to achieve your goals?

This edition of DRIVE is packed full of personal insights and stories to help you think about the next step in your career journey.

Underpinning each one is an aspect of mobility.

As a business we deliver mobility to our customers, and mobility is also about delivering opportunities to our employees to take ambitious steps to develop.

As someone who was born in Egypt, grew up in California, Manchester and Scotland, and who now works and lives in Surrey, I cannot recommend professional mobility and living abroad more strongly as a way of achieving one’s goals.

Does living somewhere different feel daunting, at first? Yes, it does.

Is there a very supportive Enterprise process for helping employees – and their partners, their families and their pets – through every single stage of that move? Yes, there is!

You can read all about the extraordinarily high level of support that we offer in Sarah Williams’ article on page five.

Our most successful employees are almost always the ones who have taken on a number of different roles in different locations.

Mobility brings the possibility of transformation. It is impossible not to learn and grow when you go somewhere new and meet new people as part of a new team.

Next time you plan your career, think of taking a position in a new location. If you’ve ever dreamed of working in a different part of the country, Europe or the world, chat to your manager and go for it. Thank you for your spirit of adventure - and, as always, thank you for all you and your teams do for each other and for our customers.

by Khaled Shahbo

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