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Shannon Procter joined Enterprise in 2002 as a management trainee in California after graduating with a degree in Economics. She immediately signed up after a recruiter told her about the values and ethics of Enterprise, and her likely career path – even though she didn’t know they were talking about Enterprise. “It was as if Enterprise chose me,” Shannon said.

Shannon’s life dream was to work in Europe and she was told that this option was open to her in the future.

Her first few weeks at Enterprise were really exciting. Shannon enjoyed the competitive environment and the challenges of working at a time before Google maps, GPS and mobile phones.

“Set personal and professional goals and remain focused on them"

While studying for her MQI she found her passion for accounting. She networked with financial controllers as well as the VP of finance with whom she discussed her future progression.

Shannon started taking night classes to get her accounting qualification while also getting promoted. In 2006, she took up a role as accounting supervisor and came to live in London.

She enjoyed adjusting to life in London. She also enjoyed work and after two months she was promoted again to accounting manager. Seven months later she was promoted again to assistant financial controller. In 2015, she took off for the bright lights of Manchester to take up the position of financial controller, and she was promoted again in 2019 to senior financial controller.

She found the most challenging aspect of her role was learning to control her time and a work life balance. “Time can slip away when you are passionate about what you do,” she said.

"Push yourself outside your comfort zone. "

Shannon is inspired by her family and still calls her mum every day. She says that she would like to retire with enough time to travel the world. She spends her spare time with her husband and their three dogs which are adopted from Romania. They like taking holidays all over the UK with the dogs to explore the countryside and beaches.

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