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Catherine Caddell's career with Enterprise began when a friend referred her to apply for the Management Trainee Programme.

I had been at university in London training to be a teacher then I moved back to Ireland and considered career options.

Although I am not from a business background, I liked what Enterprise had to offer. The opportunity and the career progression was entirely based on ability and determination to succeed, rather than on educational background or tenure in the business.

When I was promoted to assistant manager, I started to get involved in initiatives that were outside of my day to day responsibilities. I organised charity football matches for the local branches to get involved, I helped to raise £1,500 for a mental health awareness charity and I mentored employees to support them with work and non-work-related issues.

"Enterprise saw potential in me that I didn’t see myself and pushed me to be the best that I could be"

My teaching background meant I found mentoring was almost second nature and as I am passionate about mental health, I wanted to ensure that my colleagues were all happy and comfortable at work.

In addition, I joined the Diversity, Women in Business and Business in the Community committees. All of these opportunities allowed me to network with a variety of people who worked in the same area as me as well as those that had different career paths. Networking allowed me to learn to communicate effectively and gain the confidence I needed to go for every promotion I have received.

When applying for the area manager role, I was apprehensive as I had only been at the business for four years. Enterprise saw potential in me that I didn’t see myself and pushed me to be the best that I could be. It’s being pushed outside of my comfort zone that gives me the confidence in myself and I am delighted to be the first female area manager in Northern Ireland.

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