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Do you know an inspiring woman?

"Recognition is not a scarce resource. You can't use it up or run out of it."
Susan M. Heathfield, About.com

Recognition is a powerful way to motivate individuals and unite teams - both for the 'recogniser' and for the 'recognised' - and nominating a female colleague or co-worker for an award is an excellent way to show appreciation for their efforts.

So Enterprise is encouraging its employees to nominate women for the Inspiring Automotive Women Awards 2021 by clicking here and filling in a simple form

Watch the video to learn more about the awards and two previous Enterprise nominees, Leigh Lafever Ayer (UK HR Director) and Diane Mulholland (Scotland & Northern Ireland General Manager)

The Automotive 30% Club is a voluntary network of MDs and CEOs from UK based automotive manufacturing, retailing and supplier companies. The club is powered by the social enterprise Gaia Innovation Ltd.

The network was founded by Julia Muir with the purpose of achieving a better gender balance within the automotive industry, and with the aim of filling at least 30% of key leadership positions in the member organisations with diverse women by 2030 through a “30 by 30” strategy, 

“I launched the awards because I know that all of our member companies have amazing women working in their teams," said Julia Muir, Founder of the Automotive 30% Club and CEO of Gaia Innovation. "We must make them more visible and show our appreciation, so let’s give these women the recognition they deserve and nominate our inspiring automotive women.”

"There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread."
Mother Teresa
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Leadership Career Progression Employee Development

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