New Leadership Development Course Helps Women Thrive

Aimed at female Area Managers, the new seven-part Leadership Development and Mentorship course aims to address gender imbalance at management level. We asked women taking part to tell us what they thought about it - and the feedback so far is a resounding thumbs up.

What was your biggest take-away?

It's that the path to GM is 100% do able! I always used to think if I make it GRM that’s me achieving everything I could but this programme has allowed me to believe that I can make it to a GM level by opening my eyes to the skills I am good at and that with all the personal drive I have there is nothing stopping me.

How did this programme challenge you?

I am someone who wants to the best. I have never taken the approach to hide away from my weaknesses but work on them more. This programme has challenged me to flip that on its head and think what am I good at and work on making them amazing! That’s a completely new phenomenon for me and actually has given a huge confidence boast to know there is are so many things I am great at and those can and will get to a GM level.

What were you most surprised by?

The amount of self belief I don’t have. I am a very confident person but I didn’t know that some of my thought process came from the fact I didn’t believe in me as much as everyone else around me.

Would you recommend this programme to other colleagues? If so, who?

Yes - to all level IIs. Sometimes in rental is easy to get lost in the day to day and forget the bigger picture. This programme shows you that the exposures to senior management has really help bring my inspiration to life.

Christeen Mendis

What was your favourite part of this programme?
Chrissy Taylor participating in one of the sessions was a very cool experience. It shows the engagement from the senior leadership in our development.

What was your biggest take-away?
Don’t let the limitations of today dictate the future. This was a big take-away as a female leader. Also being able to communicate more effectively and being able to tell a story to differentiate me from everyone else.

How did this programme challenge you?
Talking about myself, which I don't naturally enjoy, and a lot of videos which were definitely challenging and taking me out of my comfort zone.

Tina Dragneva

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