The daily habit of looking
after your people

It is important to remember that underpinning
an organisation that, in the UK and Ireland
alone, embraces more than 450 locations and
over 5000 employees,
three brands, four
business lines and a fast-growing technology division, lies one simple idea.

We enable anyone to access a vehicle of their choosing, to suit their need, at the place and time that they need it. That was the vision of our founder, Jack Taylor, just over 60 years ago. And it underpins our ‘mobility’ agenda today.

Jack had a good business idea. He was also insightful about how to deliver it. “Look after your customers, look after your people, and the profits will look after themselves.” He said that, and we repeat it today.

So, we reward employees directly for looking after our customers, and we focus equal attention on looking after our people.

There are a lot of people at Enterprise who have developed very successful careers, in every sense of the word.

We are not bashful about this. In fact, we describe their stories in the pages of DRIVE so that others may be inspired and benefit for themselves.

As we continue to grow and diversify, it is clear that Enterprise can embrace the various goals of diverse people and provide opportunities for all employees to be as successful as they wish.

I am not surprised – though I am truly delighted – to learn that for the 13th year in a row Enterprise has been named on the list compiled by The Times and Business in the Community of the 50 companies that are the best employers for women.

I am so proud of that achievement, and I recognise it is the result of the daily work of every employee and manager in driving a culture that promotes gender diversity and inclusion.

We will only continue to be a company that ‘looks after its people’ and be a great place for everyone if we work together and continue to improve.

Talk to your manager about how you can use this magazine to achieve your aims. You work for a business that genuinely wants you to profit from your career at Enterprise. We will help you as much as we can to achieve your goals. Tell us how.

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